Quail Hunting


Bird hunters have enjoyed quail hunting in Georgia for a long time, and their ranks have included some world leaders.  President Coolidge hunted quail on Sapelo Island in 1928.  President Eisenhower hunted quail in Georgia in 1954, 1958 & 1960.  Those were the good old days.  Today, wild quail hunting is rare.  Changes in farming tactics have caused a drastic decline in the quail population.  Modern agricultural demands have almost decimated their natural habitat of  wide fence rows, dense undergrowth, and idle thickets.  Because of the decline, plantation quail hunting began.


At Cowan Farms, we have developed and managed our lands for some of the finest upland quail and pheasant hunting in the world. Our hunting areas are comprised of rolling hills, flat lands and planted pines.  We have worked hard to develop an excellent quail habitat.  You will predominately hunt plantation raised birds, but don’t be surprised to encounter a wild covey or two during your hunt.

To compliment your hunt we have professional guides with well trained dogs. Guns are available for hunters who are not able to travel with their own.  We are also able to accommodate older guests and guests with mobility issues.  We can utilize our equipment to pull directly up to the pointing dog if needed so that the hunter need only step out and shoot.

Our Philosophy

The wildlife at Cowan Farms is a very precious resource.  We hunt very conservatively and pay close attention to wildlife health and growth throughout the year.  Preserving nature and our wildlife is not only our duty as landowners, but it also ensures there will be an abundant, lush, and healthy hunting ground for future generations.

Come join us at Cowan Farms and experience Georgia quail hunting and hospitality at its best.