Honey Bees

Our Bees

Our underlying premise is that “healthy local bees are the best bees” and we have based our honey bee farm practices upon this belief. Cowan Farms’ bees were developed using Carniolan and Italian honey bee gene pools. The Queen bees are reared and open mated in our bee yards. All of our bees are gentle, hardy, and excellent foragers who overwinter well. The result of our apiary management system is a unique Honey Bee.

Our Honey

We at Cowan Farms have a hand-crafted approach to traditional honey production. We harvest small quantities of superior quality gourmet honey in the very special microclimates of the South Georgia Area. The diverse and constantly changing seasonal blooms of the Georgia Area produce floral nectar and pollen that differ greatly in taste, texture, and color. Cowan Farms harvests after each bloom and isolates the honey harvested from each apiary which creates the special flavor nuances and wonderful color variations in Cowan Farms delectably delicious honey.